Blue Mbombo worries about her daughter as she is hospitalized

Being a first time mom brings change into a lot of women’s lives because you start living differently compared to how you did in the past and even your priorities change.




Blue Mbombo welcomed her first child earlier this year, and motherhood has certainly brought a change to her life. She puts her kid first and makes sure she spends quality time with her when she’s not working. Recently, the model and reality star shared a post saying that she is admitted in MilPark Hospital Johannesburg.

Blue did not get into details of why she was hospitalized however, she is concerned about her baby girl, because she stated that she breastfeeds her so this means the little one won’t be breast fed since she is not around. The mother also stated that her baby has been refusing to take formula even though they tried giving her different brands. This must be a stressful moment for the mother and this shows how parents put their children first because instead of worrying about her health, she is worried about her baby.