Blue Mbombo breaks the internet with her breathtaking baby bump

Blue Mbombo is a South African model, reality television star, businesswoman and creative star. She’s also known as Blue Duchess and her official middle name is Thandi. This gorgeous star was born in 1990 she has a twin sister named Brown Mbombo.

Attaining success in the entertainment industry at a young age does not always happen for everyone. Some people wait a little longer before they can become successful celebrities. It takes hard work to remain relevant in the present day entertainment scene. Blue Mbombo is one of young South African successful risen against all the odds.


She recently shared her breathtaking baby bump pictures on her Instagram account looking absolutely stunning. She is sexy, confident and has more to be in the limelight. She leaves her fans stunned with her baby bump pictures saying who said you can’t be pregnant and stylish. And congratulations poured in for her as she is expecting a child. Please comment,share,like and click on.