Blasted For Their Style Of Dressing | Check The 3 South African Celebrities.

It has become a well-known fact that social media can propel a person to fame overnight. But that same social media can destroy a person’s success in an instant. Recently, several celebrities have been trending for the wrong reasons. Black Twitter has provoked several celebrities with their bad fashion sense. But who could these celebrities be?

1. Shawn Mkhize:

Despite having the best dressing skills in Mzansi, she sees herself as a fashionista for the wrong reasons. But she’s known for buying expensive designer clothes from Gucci to Prada, and her dress sense has come under fire recently. But despite the business mogul’s backlash when it comes to dressing up, sometimes some of her edgier outfits take Mzansi by surprise. We can all agree that she has bling too.

2. Unathi Mosengana:




She is the type of personality we all hate to love. There is no doubt that she has quickly become one of Mzanzi’s main forces on television and radio in recent years. We can all agree that lately she’s been looking for something that seems problematic.

Her latest fashion sense has come under fire from Mzansi’s fashion police. On Idols SA, she was seen in a fun outfit to get Mzansi talking. A few weeks ago, she saw herself making headlines after pictures of her outlandish outfit went viral.

3. Amanda Black

The award-winning singer seems to have left MI, but Mzansi always sneaks into her private life. If it weren’t for her fashion sense, she would often be mocked on social media for her poor choice of clothing. In recent years, she has seen how badly she looks dressed.

Being a celebrity seems like a burden. Her makeup has also been criticized by many people. Her clothes and makeup have recently come under the spotlight after she was attacked on Black Twitter after some of her pictures went viral.

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