Black motion is no more see people react after Prince Kaybee shared this post people blame Zinhle

Black Motion is a renowned duo by the Mzansi netizens. The house music capital was birthed in 2010 when DJ Murda, whose name is Robert Mahosana, and the percussionist, Thabo Mabogwane, agreed to work together. Their talent and unique vocals blended, which saw them rise to stardom as their songs were frequently played on various radio stations. Black motion albums were also featured in multiple compilations, which was great for their music.

Prince Kaybee, birth name Kabelo Motsamai, is a South African musician cum DJ. He has released popular hits including Yonkinto, Charlotte, Friend Zone, and Wajellwa. You probably know him for many reasons, including his electric shows, his recent song theft allegations, his music, and top Djing skills. He is a relevant man in a world where relevance should maintain. He does everything he must to be on top of his game.






Not long ago there were rumours that Black motion is splitting, as Murdah Bongz has decided to go solo. But Black Motion released a statement saying they have confirmed that their rumours are not true, they are not parting ways. They continue to say However will also start pursuing solo career. That was the official statement from Spirit motion on behalf of their brand and asset Black Motion.

And people believed the statement and moved on, but they were in shock when they woke up this morning after Musa Khawula shared a post wrote by Prince Kaybee where he wrote, still in dislief that Black Motion is no more the most decorated and astounding duo of our time.

After seeing this post from Prince Kaybee people started blaming DJ Zinhle saying women destroy everything, while someone also wrote that Zinhle came & convinced him. Murdah produces the music alone the other guy just plays drums. I don’t think Murdah has the personality to be a solo act, he hardly speaks and when he does one can’t make sense of what he says. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. He’ll learn the hard way.


They continue to say She has the ability to take people’s shine and direct it to her so she can shine on your shine. Soon he’ll be making beats for her & her career will shine brighter than his. Soon she’ll be releasing music that sounds like BlackMotion and touring more than him and winning awards.

Lets hope what people are saying it’s not true, because there is nothing painful like seeing groups that gave people good music for years separate. And people can’t be blaming DJ Zinhle if Murdah Bongz decides to go solo, that is his decision and I don’t think DJ Zinhle will force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.