Black Coffee’s son Esona leaves his fans speechless with recent pictures.

A lot has changed in this world. It’s no longer about what you can alone but also who you know. Life is about connections and gone are the times where we don’t use because of what if. Life is about grabbing every opportunity given to us.


Esona is a musician and model. He is the famous son of Grammy award winner Black Coffee. He has followed his father’s footsteps when it comes to music and fashion. He looks up to his father on the things that he does. It’s quiet fascinating how he even resembles his father.

Esona has made a huge name for himself abroad. He has even Drake’s album on a song called Texts go green. He is currently in Ibiza were he is currently having his shot. He has shared pictures of himself having the time of his life. His fans complimented him on the pictures. His father must be proud.