Black Coffee gets Grilled for saying this about Fans

Fans got disappointed at Black Coffee after he said this

In most cases, fans can make or break you. Social media has proven to be the most dangerous place where artists usually looses their focus as they caught in between their own life style and of their fans . It’s not easy being an artist but one has to make a decision to balance it .



Unfortunately for people like Black coffee, the hype in fans doesn’t do anything to him. Coffee took to social media yesterday midnight to say that South African artists should be careful of the hype their fans give to them. He continued to say that fans must not give them a hype to beef up with their fellow artists as this has consequences in the end .

Immediately he posted this, fans started to attack him and grilling his work as a DJ. Coffee is not only a South African DJ but an international DJ who has been in the streets for many years . His music is currently not understood in SA and that doesn’t bother him much as he gets paid in dollars at the end of the day . Coffee also have a very good side of him, he recently helped Dr Malinga whose belongings got auctioned due to owing SARS.

I believe Coffee was talking about beef up going back to what fans would suggest on social media and how other artists would respond to such requests. I also think being an artist is also good to know who you are, the industry itself is rotten and needs strong people to overcome any temptations. The hate may currently be of Black Coffee but he is definitely telling the truth .

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