Billionaire’s Club: Allegedly all Ginnimbi’s friends kicked the bucket

This is a very sad indeed to realise that people can only live for a short time enjoying their monies. The way that they die is also very traumatic, the most sad part of it is that they don’t die naturally. Most of the time the way they die is very terrible. The way that these people die leave people shaking their heads.




The way that these people die leave their families with a grief that will last forever. They will just be remembering of how someone got burnt in the car beyond recognition. It is a picture that will never go away. They will just be thinking of how someone died with the whole body eaten by worms, that picture never goes away. They just be thinking of how somebody died with everything in the body dislocated.

So these guys they are not doing their families a favour. They are actually leaving them with painful memories. After all those riches they can’t inherited them because they are from the kingdom of darkness. May their souls rest in peace.

Thank you