Big Zulu slam Cassper Nyovest and calls him a Woman

Following being constantly ignored a couple of times by industry colleague rapper Cassper Nyovest, on their next boxing match date. Rapper Big Zulu is not letting things sleep as he just called Cassper Nyovest a “Woman” on national TV.

Evidently, Big Zulu is not the one to let things slide as he has taken to TV to challenge Cassper Nyovest for a boxing match yet again. Even after numerous calls from social media for Cassper Nyovest to engage with Big Zulu, at every turn the Nkabi has been hitting a brick wall.

Cassper Nyovest doesn’t want Big Zulu to waste his time after seeing the kind of punches Big Zulu throws. Last week, he simply told him to “train harder”.


Cassper Nyovest has got used to people throwing boxing challenges at him since first defeated YouTuber Slik Talk in the first round of his boxing matches.

Last week Cassper Nyovest replied to Big Zulu’s post where he shared a clip of himself training and he said:

“I really thought you would have a lot of power because of your size. Please don’t waste my time, train harder. Those are pillow punches. I would literally kiss that jab that whole night. People are going to say I paid you to lose. I can’t have that. Show me something please”. Cassper Nyovest slammed Big Zulu.

Despite all the criticism, Big Zulu is not giving he announced on TV, that he is still waiting for a boxing match date. He also called Cassper Nyovest a woman.