Bianca Naidoo speaks to Riky’s fans in Braam Square

Bianca Naidoo the wife of the late Riky rick addresses his fans in Braam Square. The fans got together and they even had a bull board for Riky in Braam Square.

Bianca Naidoo addressed the fans and thanked them for their support. She said that she understands that they were apart of Riky’s life and she wants keep his memory alive and asked his fans to help her keep his memory alive. Stay shining, Bianca told Riky’s fans.





Fans reacted to this and said that Riky rick would be so proud of her because he wanted her to come out of her shell. They said that she is such a strong woman.

Bianca did not speak at the celebration service on the 4th. She only gave tribute on the funeral day. But she is out in Braam Square which is great because Riky loved working with the youth.