Best Gele images for Mondays 2019

Let’s talk about the head wrap; the all so famous gele – a term used for scarf in the Yoruba kingdom. Ever taken time to check out the way Yoruba Movies are created to express how time was before hand? Have you noticed that many women have their scarfs tied differently. If you noticed this then you are in tune. In the past especially in the Yoruba kingdom, wearing a scarf in a certain way meant you were in the prominent family or not. The way your scarf was tied was a reflection of your background.


This wasn’t always the case though, prior to knowing a persons clan based on fabric, texture and the way their scarfs were tied, head wraps were seen as an accessory, a must have. It seem’s we are back to that era when it has become such an important part of our lives.








For Today, we have a selection of gele styles that are different from what you are used to. The beautiful thing about being born in this Era is that there are a lot of styles options to choose from. Today you would find a lot of amazing gele styles options below, keep reading.
Gele Styles