Berita shuts down homeless rumours with stunning apartment view

Media personality Berita has to say that to shut down the alleged rumors that she is homeless by showing some beautiful apartment views on all social media. This comes after her estranged husband Nota Baloyi, made the allegations on social media.

The afro soul musician and songwriter decided to rubbish all claims that she has been homeless after the rumors started going viral on social media and many got talking about them.





According to reports, those rumors that allegedly went viral claiming that the afro soul musician is homeless were parked by her estranged husband Nota Baloyi. But the musician decided not to say much on his social media pages by just sharing a picture of a beautiful view from an apartment.

According to the musician and songwriter Berita, she revealed that this is her apartment and showed this picture on his social media page for everyone to see that she is not homeless as it is said about her.

Taking to social media to rubbish the claims, the afro soul musician captioned the picture and said that this is the view from her apartment in Johannesburg, and God, music, and therapy have been her savior. She even further said that even this shall pass. Indeed I can agree with that that we’ve got everything is possible and this also shall pass.

This Media personality received much support from her fans and followers on her social media, this comes after they further revealed that they have her back she should not worry. Ever since the break-Up Berita and Nota Baloyi, two have been at each other’s throats, but the loudest of them all is none other than the estranged husband Nota Baloyi.

It was even further revealed that the afro-soul musician has stolen his songs and performed them during weddings where she is booked. Ever since those claims, Berita hasn’t responded to the claims that Nota has made about her.

Source link: IOL