Berita asked me for a wife allowance – Nota ask for advice

It look like Music producer Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi is not copying from his separation with singer Berita. Berita moved out of their marital home early this year. She said the relationship was toxic for her. But according to Nota, he needs really help to accept the reality that she is gone. Love is dangerous and it hurts

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After that #GirlfriendAllowance video started trending


asked me for a wife allowance, so I told her I’ll think about it hoping she was joking. I had to tell her I’ll never pay my wife an allowance, as if I don’t provide her with everything she needs… Was I wrong?

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I think berita had always been the woman she is right now, just being with you restricted her from exploring her truest self. You cannot change a person not unless they themselves decides to. She is still young and chasing the pot of gold to the end of the rainbow. She will wake up in her late 40s waking up single with fee cracks in her face, no longer desirable because she won’t be young, bold and beautiful