Before Senzo’s Death Kelly Made Another Song With A Cryptic Message, About A Woman Killing Her Man

Kelly Khumalo is in the news a lot recently, and it wasn’t because of her work as a performer, but rather because of events in her personal life and relationship that have ended up in court. Kelly Khumalo is a well-known artist who is widely regarded as one of South Africa’s most outstanding vocalists. She has been a solo artist for a long time, delivering music that has been well received. She’s a multi-award-winning artist as well.

Kelly is well-known not just for her professional accomplishments, but also for the relationships she has forged in the business, the majority of which have catapulted her into the spotlight as an individual. The relationship she had with former soccer player Senzo Mayiwa is the one that is dragging her to court.






They were in a romantic relationship a few years ago, and they appeared to be very much in love, but their love was tragically interrupted when Senzo was murdered inside Kelly’s home. The investigation into what happened and who was responsible for Senzo’s death is currently continuing in court. Kelly, according to one of the court’s counsel, was the one who accidentally killed Senzo.

Since the accusation was made, footage of interviews she has given in the past explaining the meaning behind some of her songs have surfaced on social media, with one interview in particular catching the attention of many. Kelly released the song during her relationship with Senzo. In an interview, she described the song as being about a lady suspected of murdering her husband, Senzo, who died a few weeks later.

People believe that song contained a secret message because she is currently experiencing something similar to what she sung about in her song.