“Becareful At ATMs ” Lady Du Narrates How She Was Recently Robbed Which Left People Talking

A famous musician went on to social media to warning people about a new scam being done at ATMS after she felt victim recently.

After feeling victimized recently, a well-known singer took to social media to alert others of a new ATM scam being carried out.


Lady Du continued by warning people to use ATMs with caution: “I was helping a woman who was crying uncontrollably and claimed her husband had hit her; she needs money for her school-age children. I went to draw because I don’t carry cash, and the next thing I knew, some guys had stolen my wallet and possessions.” I went to find the woman to speak with her, but she wasn’t there.

Thankfully, she was unharmed, and Tweeps continued to comfort her as she continued to warn others from making the same mistakes she had. Here is what she said: ” I’m ok, I just have to get a new licence and ID they were working together the cctv shows them ” talking to each other it’s ok though. I learned my lesson