beauty: Zoë Naidu preps for Miss World South Africa

The Miss World South Africa title isn’t just about glamour; it represents an accelerated opportunity to make a lasting impact. What sets Miss World South Africa apart is its global reach, enabling finalists like finalist Zoë Naidu to touch lives far beyond their local communities.



Hailing from Durban, Zoë Naidu, at the age of 23, stands ready to champion the causes close to her heart. She understands that addressing issues of disparity requires a nation’s collective effort. With her country behind her, Zoë aims to accelerate inclusivity, representation, and equality.

From a young age, Zoë’s parents instilled in her the values of compassion, empathy, and the importance of giving back to the community. These values have shaped her into the remarkable young woman she is today.

Zoë Naidu decided to pursue a Bachelor of Health Science in Chiropractic as a stepping stone towards her goal. She wants to make healthcare more accessible to all South Africans. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to be heard, and any opportunity she’s been afforded allows her to become the voice for the voiceless.

Beyond the spotlight, Zoë Naidu actively engages with local communities. She dedicates her time to facilitating food and clothing donations. She also visits and volunteers at orphanages and frail-care centres. Moreover, she’s working diligently on a project that focuses on promoting inclusivity within society.

Zoë Naidu posing for a photograph while looking into a mirror and taking a proffesional photo at an outside photo shoot. Image: Instagram via @zoe.magdalene
In Zoë Naidu, we have a Miss World South Africa finalist who embodies the spirit of unity, compassion, and the drive to make a meaningful impact. With her dedication and determination, she’s poised to be a remarkable advocate for change in South Africa and beyond.

As we celebrate the diversity of our nation, let’s keep an eye on Zoë as she continues her journey towards the Miss World South Africa crown and the greater good she aims to achieve. Zoë Naidu is not just a name but a force for positive transformation.

Zoë Naidu’s journey is just beginning, and as she continues to vie for the coveted Miss World South Africa crown, we can only expect greater accomplishments and an even stronger commitment to positive change. Her determination to accelerate inclusivity, representation, and equality is an inspiration to us all.

Zoë Naidu embodies the spirit of what it means to be proudly South African. She carries the torch of unity, diversity, and the unwavering belief that together, we can create a better world for everyone. Keep an eye on this remarkable young woman as she embarks on her journey to become Miss World South Africa 2023