Beauty with the brains: Diep City actress ‘Lerato’ Kgaogelo Monama academic qualifications revealed

DiepCity actress Kgaogelo ‘Lerato’ Monama’s academic qualifications got Mzansi talking. She took Mzansi by surprise since joining the entertainment business. The 31-year-old actress is trending on social media, thanks to her DiepCity exploits.


Her academic qualifications impressed Mzansi and left the question, “How can the gods give it all to one person?”

Kgaogelo ‘Lerato’ Monama Academic qualifications

The DiepCity actress is proof that the gods are generous. She holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Drama and Film Production from the Tshwane University of Technology. Kgaogelo spent her early years in Gauteng, where she received primary and secondary education.

On top of her education and acting talent, Kgaogelo is also a professional dancer. She performed at Morula Sun and Meropa Casino with her group, the Diva Strides.

Lerato Diep City qualifications

Kgaogelo Monama’s career