Battle of the baddies: Shudufhadzo Musida and Mihlali wore the same dress. Who wore it betters?

Public figures have one of the most difficult careers ever. These people have to have their own image or brand and make sure it stands out. This has resulted in them going to extreme lengths to make sure that they have their own clothes that are similar to someone. That’s why we get surprised when they do.







Shudufhadzo Musida is a former beauty pageant winner. She became famous after she won the Miss SA pageant. Her reign is over but she has been busy with her mental health awareness each she even released a book. She’s been supporting the current queen.

She has a beautiful body and knows how to dress it. Her and Youtuber Mihlali Ndamese were spotted wearing the same red dress. When it comes to shoes Mihlali wore red while Shudufhadzo wore silver ones. They both looked beautiful as the dress hugged their bodies beautifully. With all this we would like to ask who wore it betters?