Basetsana Kumalo marks the anniversary of her memoir launch

Basetsana Kumalo marks the anniversary of her memoir, Bassie My Journey of Hope. The book which was published in October recounts the author’s life journey, including her relationships with mentors like Nelson Mandela. She also shared the secrets of her success and all the lessons she’s learnt along the way. She opens up about the pressures of her high-profile marriage to Romeo Kumalo and their heartbreaking struggle to have a family.





She talked about motherhood and maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and unpacks how she pays it forward through mentoring young people she has met along the way. Taking to Instagram, she celebrated the success of the book and expressed gratitude to those who supported her.

“You know when you write your story, stand in the light of your truth and own your voice, little did I know that it would touch and impact so many lives, bring hope to so many and indeed encourage many more. Life is but a beautiful thing, with its peaks and troughs, with its highs and lows, with its wins and losses, with its victories and setbacks,” she wrote.