Barry says what is happening to Zahara it should be a life lesson to famous people

Barry comes with his opinion on what is happening around the sensational guitarist and musician Zahara. He says all the celebrities or famous people should make or have a back-up plan when things are going tough for them, so they will not have to find themselves in the situation that is very heartbreaking for Zahara.

He suggested that celebrities build a house from their actual rural home, buy a car, and leave the car at the house because when things get tough in the city, they know they have a house and a car at the house. Barry is being very thoughtful and it is a practical life solution that many people should consider.

It is being said all the time that when you are in Johannesburg, it may not be your actual home, and people are flocking into the province because of employment opportunities. As for musicians, it is all about record labels’ deals that would put them on the map and make them stars. While life is good for them, they should also think of the bad times that could happen and come up with a solution. If it happens, they are in a tough time.





Zahara has been asking for help on social media, and many other people do not want to help her, so they are busy criticizing her as the matter has been ongoing for some time. She even asked Kaizer Chiefs football club to help her settle the remaining amount for her house, but surely it did not go well because her house will be auctioned.

As for Barry Roux trying to advise everyone, King Monada of Limpopo has already done so. Because he has built a very beautiful house for himself, and if he goes through a phase of his life where he runs out of financial strength, he knows that he has a very beautiful home for himself and he can start afresh from the comfort of his own house.