BAGS OF STYLE? Why The Queen and The Royal Family always carry a handbag or clutch bag?

A woman’s purse is an item meant to boost her look and self-esteem, as is well-known.

For Queen Elizabeth, it’s different. When she wears one of these bright purses, she does so on purpose. While doing so, she talks to her staff. She wears it in several ways, each with a distinctive meaning for her courtiers and immediate family. She may switch her purse from her right to left hand in the lobby if she’s too weary to work and wants to go home and relax. By switching from her right to left hand, she plans to rest at home. As soon as the conference is over, the queen returns to her palace.




During a conversation, if she slams her handbag on the floor, it means she’s emotionally spent or has had enough of the topic. If she throws her handbag across the table, she’s impatient to finish. It’s become a habit for her, and you may wonder why she doesn’t just express herself. Yes, but that’s the lot of royals.