Bad news for Sithelo as Mamkhize threatened to do this to her after her abuse allegations on Andile

Sithelo Shozi (born on 17 April 1994; Age: 28 years old) is a well-known model, singer, Dj, celebrity partner, media face, and social media star from Umkomass, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She rose to fame in the country as an amazing DJ artist.

As we all know that Sithelo was married to Royal AM big boss Andile Mpisane and has a baby with him, but their marriage ended last year November when Andile married Tamia Louw out of the blue, leaving Sithelo as a laughing stock.

Now, ever since Sithelo’s departure from the Mpisane family she only made headlines by bad mouthing the family or revealing secrets about that family and it’s exactly what she did yesterday. Yesterday Sithelo shook the whole South Africa when she accused Andile Mpisane of abusing her and she said that the physical abuse is the main reason she had a miscarriage denying her to have a fourth child.

She revealed this on her Instagram story and also went to leak voice notes of Andile Mpisane making threats about keeping her child away from her as well as what sounded like a threat to her life. However she wasn’t done as she went to post a screenshot of a text claiming that she’s being abused.

She wrote”“Let’s start with when I was beaten into a pulp and had a miscarriage at the hands of my so called ‘victim’ in a room full of his family and friends, rushed to the nearest hospital and treated like nothing ever happened,” she continued before posting images of her bruised face and arm.”

However, knowing Mamkhize and her baby boy Andile, Mzansi finest businesswoman Mamkhize couldn’t allow Sithelo’s words and allegations to ruin her image and brand, so she went to release an official statement accusing Sithelo of being a liar.

Mamkhize released an official statement on Instagram saying that Sithelo’s claims are fake and defamatory and she’s not aware of those allegations. Mamkhize’ claimed to be an GBV activist and said that she will never condone any abuse of any nature and she and her family never saw Sithelo being abused in her house.



However she ended her statement by saying that Sithelo’s allegations against her family are deep and she’s taking the matter to her legal attorneys, meaning that she’s going to sue her for defamation of character.

““Given the nature, severity and extent of these allegations the matter has been referred to my attorneys and from now henceforth they will be handling everything in relation to this matter. It is of utmost importance that we let the law take its course,”she wrote.

See the full statement by Mamkhize here:

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