Bad News for DJ Maphorisa and Kabza de Small after the Zimbabwean high court did this

Kabza de Small and DJ Maphorisa are well known as the pioneers of the Amapiano revolution and the gatekeepers of the South African music industry, by doing that, they are grooming more artists to become superstars and they are getting gigs outside the country.

It appears that the scorpion kings have attracted promoters from all countries, including those in Zimbabwe. According to the reports ,the scorpion kings were Supposed to pitch in to a gig in Zimbabwe but they didn’t show up.

Now, it appears that the scorpion kings are in hot water, as they received payments to perform at Ric falls carnival some couple of months ago, however they were kindly asked to refund the money, but they refused to.

However it appears that the scorpion kings are about to taste their own medicine, as the Zimbabwean organisers are not gonna let them run away with their money so easily. According to the reports from Flying news, the Zimbabwean organisers are taking matters to court.






The reports are saying that the organisers have opened a case against both Kabza and Dj Maphorisa, and the Zimbabwean high court have found the South Africans artists guilty and have already issued an arrest warrant against them.

See a picture of the arrest warrant here:

An arrest warrant, simply means that if these two dare to lay their foot on Zimbabwean soil, they will be both jailed.

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