Bad News For Cassper Nyovest As DSTV Decided To Do This To His Boxing Match

Looks like Cassper and Priddy Ugly’s clash will be an unaired event.

However, an alarming number of social media users has revealed to us that Cassper Nyovest is someone who is trusted by a lot of people, and he is definitely someone who will find a way to deal with this issue that he is experiencing.

This is only a small hiccup in his otherwise very splendid career, we have actually seen many cases like this whereby he is being met with negativity but he somehow managed to turn the situation around.


The most important sponsor, who guaranteed to air the rappers’ boxing match live just recently served them the terrible news. You can imagine that it wasn’t only Cassper Nyovest who was disappointed about the news that he wouldn’t be able to do what he always does, which is show the whole country that you can do just about anything.

What is concerning in this matter is the fact that the fight definitely has a lot of viewers and now it seems like perhaps they may get Showmax to sponsor them, but of course at this moment it is only speculation there has not been any talks about how they are going to proceed forward with their boxing match.

Most fans are still hopeful that they can tune into the fight, this is a fight that has somehow managed to draw a lot of people in the country together, to sit and watch so it doesn’t make sense that Cassper is failing to fill up DSTV the way that they want.

It is hard to believe that they have cancelled his show despite the fact that there isn’t anything special playing that day, this is something that definitely has a lot of viewers so it doesn’t make sense that things happened this way.