Bad News After The News Of The Queen’s Departure, Another Popular TV Soapie Is Coming To An End.

The Queen, Multichoice has announced that it will end next year with the final recording of the July season.”/>CONNIE Ferguson, the producer of The Queen, Multichoice has announced that it will end next year with the final recording of the July season.


The actors of the various soapies that are currently being shown on DStv channels will be left without jobs as the show “Lingashoni is also coming to an end .

The Sun last week reported on the end othe most love tv soap The Queen .

This show turns out to end due to poor performance said the source

A statement from Multichoice stated that The Queen is not only the show that comes to end but also “,Libambe Lingashoni actor ending”

Last year Multichoice announced a rescheduling.

Internal sources revealed that people are not looking at it properly.

“After six seasons having done very well, The Queen will be airing for the seventh and final season of the final episode which will be aired on January 13, 2023. “will end on March 2023. As a channel we would like to applaud all producers, actors and all which are always visible in the communities in which we live, ”said Shirley Adonisi, M-Net’s director of local programming.

He said they were looking forward to the coming months as the game would then record the final episodes which would be a hit.

“We are busy planning to get new games that will fill the vacancy. We will later announce the games that will fill these gaps. All we can say is that we are committed to continuing to work with Ferguson Films and Stained Glass TV, in the other games they will give us, ”he explained.

A spokesperson for The Queen said their game was one of the most important so far as it has changed people’s lives and something they will always be proud of.

They said they are looking forward to continuing to produce new games that will be enjoyed by viewers.

Pepsi Pokane, of Stained Glass TV, said they enjoyed making the game Lingashini and thanked the people who worked with them on the show.

“Thank you to M-Net for giving us such an opportunity and recording the game and we look forward to continuing to work with them,” said Pepsi