Babes Wodumo Sent a Touching Message To Mampintsha’s Mother, See What she Said

It’s true what they say about how death can bring people together: when one person dies, it can cause two individuals who didn’t get along before to put their disagreements aside and allow the deceased person rest in peace for the benefit of their surviving loved ones. Mampintsha’s mother and Babes Wodumo were our eyes. The relationship between the two was tense, to put it mildly, because Mampintsha’s mother believed Babes Wodumo was bad for her son. After Mampintsha’s death, however, they reconciled and made up. On the day of the burial, Babes Wodumo expressed regret, and their friendship has improved greatly since since.



Mampintsha’s mother revealed a few days ago that their mother is in the hospital in severe condition after suffering a stroke. The girl’s family was fundraising so they could transfer her to a better facility. We all assumed there would be a lot of money left over from the funeral, and it came as a surprise to see this family begging.

As a result of everything that has transpired, Babes and Wodumo have decided to pen a letter to Mampintsha’s mom. She contacted her via Facebook. She posted “Get well soo” beside a bunch of sad face and heartbreak emojis. She did everything, including pinning Mampintsha’s mom on the picture. Nonetheless, she disabled comments on the photo because she did not want people sharing their unfavorable opinions about South Africa, which is a country infamous for its abuse of internet freedom.

Babes Wodumo is not being a good daughter-in-law by allowing her sister-in-law to solicit donations to pay the public hospital’s cost. She is not obligated to do so, but as her daughter-in-law, it would be polite. She’ll be able to rest easier knowing that her husband’s passing has helped two people find love. Nonetheless, mother, we hope you heal quickly.