Babes Wodumo looked sad when Dj Tira and others were celebrating

Why did Babes Wodumo came all the way from Durban to Mpumalanga to look this sad? She is one of the most loved artist in this country and she was supposed to take this moment to revive her career.


Dj Tira won 2 awards last night at the MetroFM awards but Mampintsha did not even win one. It could be that Babes Wodumo was upset that her husband did not win an award but Dj Tira won 2. Babes Wodumo was not happy while others were raising their hands and smiling. Babes Wodumo was just looking away and not impressed.

Everyone who was watching these awards noticed her behavior. Babes Wodumo needs to address this on why was she like this. She was supposed to atleast pretend to be happy for Tira because they came together in Mbombela as one. Babes Wodumo needs to see a therapist.