Azwindini’s Muvhango journey comes to an end tonight

Muvhango fans woke up to sad news this morning with claims that Azwindini’s character could be killed off.

Chief Azwindini is one of the most loved characters on the SABC 2 drama.




“Life is a collective, and it’s well lived when it’s shared. The Chief of Thathe shall live forever,” he said.

Azwindini has been on a downward spiral in recent months. He was dethroned from his chieftaincy and he has struggled to really claim his place among the legends.

On Friday, Muvhango viewers witnessed the passing of the Chief of Thathe after he was gunned down by his cousin and adversary, Tenda.

Many Muvhango fans spent the weekend speculating on whether Azwindini would wake up and surprise Tenda but their bubble has been burst.

In today’s episode, viewers will see Tenda, set Chief Azwindini aflame as he continues avenging himself to all that put him in jail.

Tenda and Azwindini have been each others nemesis on the show and this time the former seems to have won the battle.

According to the media statement released by the production, Chief Azwindini’s death will leave the Vhakwevho clan in misery. He will be laid to rest later this month under the royal family customs.