Azwindini Left In Tears After Gugu Decided To Give Vhutshilo Love Back

As a thank you for protecting her from Nomasonto, Gugu is going to show Vhutshilo some love again. And Azwindini will be left with a bitter taste in his mouth.

There has been an enormous amount of drama unfolding in Muvhango, and viewers were relieved to learn that Nomasonto had been apprehended by the police. This was especially the case in light of the precarious circumstance that Susan and her son ended up creating with the assistance of KK’s son Kgosi, who was willing to sacrifice everything in order to protect his cousin.








Regardless, the search for Gugu has been fruitful this time, and the most important thing that the people of Thathe can do is to throw a huge party and honor these three individuals for the effort that they have put in over the past few weeks, despite the fact that nobody has confided in them directly after telling them.

We have included a few images so that you can see what took place at that wedding so that you may have a more complete recollection of what occurred because an event like that only occurs once in a while and we want to give you the best chance possible of recalling all that occurred.

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