Ayanda Thabethe reveals she doesn’t sleep in a hotel room

Ayanda Thabethe has revealed that she doesn’t sleep in a hotel room until she has prayed over it.

The star made it known that she does not play games when it comes to dealing with spiritual stuff.


In her recent tweet, Ayanda said she makes sure she protects herself against unfamiliar spirits in hotel rooms.

She shared that she goes fully prepared and clothed in the full armour of God to protect her from weird things that people who have occupied the room before her were into.

She took to Twitter to share how she always travels prepared and never sleeps in any hotel room before praying over it.

“I do this thing where I pray over every hotel room I sleep in. I just feel like so many spirits pass through doing different things in hotel rooms and I always want to wash the room with the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus … I can be weird like that but it’s so comforting,” Ayanda said.

See tweet below: