Ayanda Thabethe opens up about her experience with a birth control device

Ayanda Thabethe shared her side of her story as she suffers from an intrauterine device, known as an IUD.

This is coming after the star retweeted a TikTok video of a woman recalling the horrific experience.


In the video TikTok user Mo´nica Herna´ndez said she got the copper IUD because it didn’t include hormones.

Having gone through a similar procedure herself years ago, the actress took to Twitter to recount what a crisis it was for her, and how a procedure that was supposed to be a “small thing” ended up being life-threatening for her.

“Tried this years ago. This thing disappeared in my body. Had to get X-rays done and ultimately surgery to get it out. Yho women go through the mostest,” Ayanda said.

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