Ayanda Borotho was seen cooking with three legged pots on open fire.

In South Africa, a potjie or Three legged pot directly translated as small pot, from Afrikaans or Dutch, is a traditional round, cast iron, three-legged pot. It is used to cook food over an open fire .Among the South African indigenous tribes these pots are known as phutu.The pot is heated using small amounts of wood or charcoal or, if fuel is scarce, twisted grass or even dried animal dung.


Ayanda Borotho Ngubane is a famous South African actress and former model.The famous actress is popularly known for playing the title role in the SABC 1 sitcom.She was born on 13 January 1981,she is currently at the age of 41 as of November 2022.She comes from the township of Ntuzuma, Durban In the KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.

On her recent post on social media Ayanda was seen cooking with three legged pot on Open fire.Her picture was posted with the following caption ” Good Morning.”