Ayanda Borotho slams ‘disrespectful’ kids for public displays of affection

Actress Ayanda Borotho has come out to blast “children” who find it acceptable to kiss in the streets with no respect for elders.

Taking to social media this week, Ayanda asked followers to help her understand where parents had gone wrong if children saw nothing wrong with “being inappropriate” in front of people older than them.

“I have a problem and I’d like to know something. When we leave home, our villages and townships, do we just leave all the home training, respect and values there as black people? When we get to the suburbs and the gated communities, does that mean we forget who we are to adopt all the Western ways, even the silly ones?”

Ayanda said children have clearly lost respect for elders.

The actress went on to detail the problem she has with kids “fondling” each other in the streets without caring about respect for older people.

“I’m always shocked to see young people, some as young as 13, 14, 15 etc. standing next to electricity poles, holding each other and kissing without any care in the world. Now, that’s a problem for me because I grew up in an era where if you were with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the streets and an elder appeared, you would be ashamed and hide. We used to show the same respect to all elders and treated them as we would our parents.

“But children these days just do their thing right in front of us in the streets! Right in front of us… I don’t understand.”

She relayed a story of how she once saw a child fooling around in the streets and went to tell her parents, but the reception she got was cold.