AYA : MacG is always wearing flip flops. He was wearing them when he was interviewed by JJ

From the podcast and chill, Solphenduka talked about how MacG is always wearing flip flops. He said all the time he is wearing flip flops and for him to water them does not mean he is struggling. He has money and lives in an apartment complex with Bongani from the musical duo Blackmotion. It gets very clear that he is all time-wearing flops.

He has been spotted several times wearing them. Solphenduka even said he is like Oskido because he does not want expensive clothes and he is rich. Aya Pro is working on the podcast as a sound technician commented on him wearing flip flops all the time. MacG is one of those people who are living such a low lifestyle that you will think they are struggling.

He has admitted on the podcast that he really loves them. Surely he will wear sneakers or formal shoes when he is attending a function that he cannot rock to the occasion with flip flops. It was not a topic for the podcast, but it is his reality lifestyle and when his podcast colleagues are mocking him for it. He did not say much about it, but he will laugh.




His podcast has made him so huge that he is a power house and media platform. He was accused of killing careers and now people who hate him are seeing the good that he is doing. The moment he interviews someone, more media establishment started to be interested in that person. It is like when he has someone on the show, that person would be interviewed by others.


For his way of life, wearing flip flops, he is surely aware of what people are tweeting. But he does no longer entertain everything on social media because he has also realized how people just want him to talk about them. When the entire podcast actually does not talk about that person, he or she will not be trending because of the podcast and chill with MacG.