Axed from Muvhango? (They sure will be missed.)

Have these two of my favourite actors given the boot by the show’s creator?

We have to admit as the enthusiasts of this legendary show we have noticed how Mulalo and KK Mulaudzi has been ‘missing in action’ for quite some time now.

Why is this?


Briefly magazine has released a statement that alleged that these two actors have been given the boot from the SABC 2 iconic soap opera, Muvhango.

These two brought slot of drama to the show and would have made viewers tune in in abandance but it seems the show’s creators dear dnt think so.

What do you think? Are they not going to be missed or is it just fine?

These two actors have allegedly been axed form the show. How true is this and I for one am very disappointed because these two were some of my favourite villains on the show.