Awkward interaction between Dj Zinhle and Thuli P gets social media talking

A video of DJ Zinhle and Thuli P gets people talking on social media. A video clip of Thuli and DJ Zinhle was posted on social media. Thuli P looked very cold towards Dj Zinhle. It seems that Thuli P was starting her set as Dj Zinhle finished hers. Thuli P didn’t even wait for Dj Zinhle to leave as she started setting up and she didn’t even smile at Dj Zinhle.



Dj Zinhle on the other hand was seen laughing as she left. This interaction got people talking and they said that Thuli P is still a bitter ex because she once dated Dj Zinhle’s husband Murdah Bongz. People said that DJ Zinhle handled the situation like a Queen. However others said that Thuli P could just be going focused on setting up before her set.