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Musa Mseleku left Mzansi with her recent post looking

Musa Mseleku is very popular in Mzansi and he is also well respected, a lot of people him for being a polygamist. His second wife is popularly known as Mayeni Mseleku. She has been described as the calm one but will go ahead an push back if need be. The husband points out to her as a good listener that seeks clarification in case she does not understand something.

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Check out Khethiwe from Generation photo in real life


Winnie Ntshaba (born 1 September 1975)is an South African actress best known for her role in Generations on SABC 1. She began her career in the 2000s before making her breakthrough in Yesterday (2004 film) (2004).


She is best known for playing Khethiwe Buthelezi on the SABC 1 soap opera Generations (South African TV series). She studied acting at University of Natal (Durban).

Famous for portraying Khethiwe Buthelezi in the television series Generations, Bawinile Winnie Ntshaba is a well-known South African actress. Having been born on the first of September in 1975, she will be 46 years old by 2021. He was born in the town of Eshowe, in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa, as Bawinile. Ntshaba attributes her desire to further her studies to the influence of her older sister. She studied acting at the KwaZulu Natal University of Natal in KwaZulu Natal.

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Amazing phof Mamlambo from Uzalo

Gugu Gumede, who was born in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, always knew she wanted to be an actress. It wasn’t easy persuading her mother, however. Her mother wished for her to pursue a career in law. She eventually caved in and let Gugu study the course of her dreams.

In 1997, South African newspapers (including Johannesburg’s The Star and Cape Town’s Cape Argus) reported on sightings of a “giant reptile” monster in the Mzintlava River near Mount Ayliff in South Africa. Villagers in the area claimed that the creature was 20 meters (67 feet) long, had the head of a horse, the lower body of a fish, short legs, and the neck of a snake, and that it shined with a green light at night. During the period between January and April 1997, as many as nine deaths had been attributed to the Mamlambo. According to police, the victims had been in the water a while and had the soft parts of their heads and neck eaten by crabs; local villagers, on the other hand, claimed that these mutilations had been caused by the Mamlambo’s habit of eating faces and brains. For this reason, the Mamlambo is often referred to as “the Brain Sucker”. As Felicity Wood points out in The Extraordinary Khotso (2007), “the mamlambo tends to be associated with Western forms of prosperity, like money, so the fact that she is often depicted as a Western mermaid. She has arisen in part from a sense of disconnection to a traditional, communal way of life, inequalities and imbalances in the social order, and the lure of Western materialism. Like the Mami Wata, she is a dangerous, seductive figure, offering wealth and power but able to bring about terrifying ruin”.














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Lusanda Mbane bags new TV gig

Congratulations are in order as Lusanda Mbane bagged herself a new TV gig.

The news was made known by commentator Phil Mphela who revealed that the actress has been spotted on the set of the show and she is happy.

Lusanda however, is popularly known for her role as Boniswa in eTV’s Scandal.

According to the tweet, Phil stated that no details have been shared on the character she plays yet but she is definitely having a good time on set.

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