Asavela Mqokiyana shares the progress of her house

As people we are not the same. We have different personalities, which leads to us liking different things and there’s no crime in that. What we know is that people are happier when they are doing things that they love. Which is what is important.

In life we have people that prefer material things over things like property and there’s no problem in that. Asavela Mqokiyana is an actress and farmer. The Durban Gen actress takes pride in being by the farms and living a village life. She loves her many chickens and dogs.




Asavela built her late grandmother a house years back. She has also been busy with her own house. She gave her followers on Twitter a glimpse of her house. Revealing that she’s more into property than luxury brands. She thinks her husband must’ve been happy that she’s not materialistic, only to find she’s property girl. Which is more expensive thank luxury brands.