Asavela Mngithi’s chickens eating from her tray of Castle leaves her fans in stitches.

Social media has opened fans an opportunity to get to know their favourite stars off screen. They post their lives and everything that they do. Which is different from when we are watching them. They always leave us in awe because sometimes they do things that we are not used to.





Asavela Mngithi is a farm girl and she loves it. The former Isibaya actress even has a farm and chickens which are obsessed with her. Her last role was on Abomama and she nailed it perfectly. She’s married woman with her big beautiful house.

She’s always been with her chicken. So much that we are surprised when we see her without them. She shared a video with her chickes eating crops, impatient that they are not eating. The crops are in a Castle tray. If you know her, you known she drinks Castle. It seems they boxes are coming out just fine. .