Asante’s photo bombs DJ Zinhle’s recent post

Have children they said, not knowing that our lives will revolve around these little humans. As much as they make us happy, some days we just want to slay without them but we know for sure that they won’t allow us. They want out attention 24/7.

There’s no parent that has never been a victim of photo bombing. It is their little speciality, always wanting our attention. DJ Zinhle is a boss to many people but when it comes to her daughters she is just a regular mother. The dj is blessed with cute babies with different personalities.





She shared pictures of herself looking very beautiful. Asante had to make an appearance in one of the pictures, show her mother that she’s watching. She’s clinging onto her mother’s leg, looking very adorable. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her. Some of them told her that she’s the one photo bombing Asante.