Asante wraps her arms around big sister Kairo as they talk to DJ Zinhle

Mothers are more emotional than men. They put their emotions in many things that they do. That’s why it is not easy for them to leave their children and go to work or even trust strangers to look after them. It is not easy for them to detach from their mother role.






Unfortunately they have to work. But everyone knows that their hearts are at home. DJ Zinhle has a cool job because it allows her to see places and meet different people. But it is hard when it comes to her being away from her children and husband.

Her little princess seem to be used to the fact that their parents are always on the road. She is currently in America and as always she missed her girls. She shared a video of her taking to them. With Asante clinging on to Kairo at the back. These have such a beautiful relationship.