ARTWORK: I got myself a portrait of DJ Blackcoffee at Konka

Foxyaza got a beautiful portrait of DJ Blackcoffee and he is an inspiration to her as a DJ also. He is making it to the highest level each and every year and now it is becoming very hard for South African fans to see their DJ performing from around his home country. Foxyaza is overjoyed because so many people look up to him as a DJ and music producer legend.


It comes from a great appreciation very hard as the portrait was made after Blackcoffee got his Grammy award and many people have expressed their appreciation and congratulations to him in many ways. But then he did not have time to attend more interviews in South Africa for him to have a chat about the journey to winning the award. The portrait is different and currently the compelling artwork at the moment.

For Foxyaza to meet Blackcoffee was a dream coming to reality for her and her favorite DJ as well. Perhaps she will be able to perform on the same stage where he will be performing. At the moment, many DJs are opening for him before he can get to the stage and he has reached that level. He used to open for other big DJs before he became one of the best and most wanted to perform around the world.



Even when buying or painting, DJ Blackcoffee is a huge standard because the artwork is able to reach a lot of people and the moment more people realize that it is beautiful, they want to know who did it. The fastest way to get hold of the person who has the painting is through social media connection to the person directly.

With Foxyaza, it is a beautiful moment she would not keep to herself and would share it with anyone. Hopefully, when Blackcoffee is aware of the post, he will react beautifully, knowing that his standard is not for him alone, but a huge moment for others. Like MacG from his Podcast and Chill, he loves DJ Blackcoffee and it becomes very hard for him to make jokes about him on the show. He is aware of it and he talked about it.