Arthur Mafokate’s daughter took by storms showing off her remarkable took social media by storms showing off her remarkable beauty

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is also in her soul. Owami Mafokate is one of the youngest talented and skilled professional DJs in South Africa. She is proficient individual and has won many hearts in South Africa with her deejaying skills. Considering that both her parents are musicians,it is no surprise that she also took to the art. She is well known for being the daughter of the South African entertainer who is excellent known as Arthur Mafokate and Queen Sesoko







Apart from her appropriate DeeJaying capabilities, Owami is additionally recognized as an Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Brand Ambassador, and Philanthropist. The South African star can also sing and dance. She discovered her talents while she was young, considering that her whole household was in the entertainment industry. She is impartial and vibrant female who is making massive waves in the news source at a youthful age.



The gorgeous talent is very ambitious, and although her school books and assignments are her top priorities. The star has also embraced her entrepreneurship skills by starting Hermosa Clothing Line. She is an excellent motivation towards youthful individual reachable innovative indications incredible to accumulate their objectives.