Arthur Mafokate’s daughter Owami recently left Mzansi gobsmacked with her breathtaking pictures

Owami Mafokate is popularly known as one of the most talented and young Professional DJs in Mzansi. Considering her parents were musicians; it’s no surprise that she also loves the art of music. Besides DJing, Owami is an entrepreneur, entertainer, brand ambassador and philanthropist. The South African star can also sing and dance.

A lot of people think that Owami has taken after her father with her looks as well as her talent. The young star has been in the headlines several times and in the past week, she was questioned on a video she shared of herself dancing on Tiktok, if whether she is pregnant or she just gained weight. The young star denied the allegations that she is pregnant.



She recently took to social media to show off her beauty in a very stylish outfit. Her pictures caught a lot of people’s attention as a lot of people noticed how dazzling she looked. Surely the star was making it clear that she is not pregnant. What do you think of Owami Mafokate’s recent breathtaking look? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.