Arthur Mafokate Left Mzansi Happy After He Shares Pictures Of His Beautiful Daughter

Arthur Mafokate Left Mzansi Happy After He Shares Pictures Of His Beautiful Daughter

Mzansi has been gushing the king of kwaito Arthur Mafokate after he shows off his beautiful daughter. Mzansi did not know that Arthur Mafokate has a beautiful daughter. We always admires father who go all out to support their kids at schools.

The king of kwaito recently took it to his Instagram page where he left a snap of his gorgeous daughter. Apparently the kwaito legend went shopping with her daughter school. Apparently her daughter is goof in hockey, and that’s what father and daughter went shopping to buy.




With Caption: “Hockey stick shopping after school with Onalenna Mafokate” He wrote.

Arthur Mafokate is a South African kwaitor legendary who was born 10 July 1962. Th Kwaito Arthur is currently turning 69 years old and he has been blessed with yhree beautiful kids. Arthur has the most beautiful kids, which are so famous just like him. One who has been making headlines is Owami Mafokate who is artists and Dj.

Many people has bee asking themselves about his wife. Apparently Arthur has a beautiful kids and he has been therefor his kids. His other son looks like him and does no used his surname. He once told his fans not to mind different surname as he always been there to raise him. Arthur has three kids, two girls and one boy namely Owami Mafokate and Kelello Mafokate and a one son known as Arthur Mafokate Junior.

Arthur Mafokate is not married, his still single and enjoying his life. There is no information about him being married or the mother of his kids. One woman we know is the mother of Owami. Apparently Arthur was in a relationship with Queen Sesoko who is a biological mother of Owami.