Are Boity Thulo and Lady Du house sharing?

Boity Thulo recently took to social media to announce that she had bought a new house.

The extravagant mansion got South Africans congratulating her and she surely has shown that anything is possible.

Boity is a hard worker and she is always goes for what she believes in. It was not surprising to see her buy a mansion.

But some people did notice that her house and that of Lady Du are exactly the same.



Boity and Lady Du, please do tell, mbokodos! Is that house the same house?

I mean OK, a grey house is a grey house, right? But your houses look like the same house, gals.

Did you both have photo ops at the same house and are now claiming it’s your house? Just an ask, OK house owners?

Perhaps they live in the same area or estate. So many questions and yet few answers. These are levels!

Source: Shwashwi