Apparently Sizwe Dlomo says he earns R1050 per month at Kaya FM

A question was asked from Hingreeboy Twitter’s account, asking everyone about their income. Sizwe Dlomo responded that he earns R1050 per month. Many people came to respond to him, suggesting that he actually makes it per-hour amount. It is not proven or made public, and it remains private. Sometimes you may think that people are not going to reveal the amount you are actually making per month.


His former colleague, Unathi Nkayi, was reported, which left a lot of people surprised that she was earning more than $80,000 on her radio gig per month. She has been in radio for a long time, and her experience will also count with the performances she pulls on air. It’s a bad time to no longer work at Kaya, and surely she loves being on the mic. When you are that big like her, you will surely have the means to negotiate what is enough for yourself.

The question is: does Sizwe earn more than R80K or less after Unathi was let go from the radio station? Unathi and Sizwe are known for not being close anymore after the fight they had, which led to Unathi losing her job. It could be possible that he is earning more than that, or maybe the R1050 he makes per hour.

If that is the amount he may be getting from Kaya FM, that means he earns about R200K a month, and a huge difference from what was given to Unathi.

“ZAlebs reports that Unathi had previously claimed that Sizwe verbally abused her during an altercation, which resulted in her feeling afraid for herself. However, investigations by the radio station found that the singer had lied and had even tried to frame Sizwe for abuse to get him axed. This led to her immediate dismissal from the channel.”

“Sizwe has now finally responded to everything and cleared his name. He has made it clear that Unathi’s attempts to frame him for abuse backfired on her and that he had no role in her dismissal. This revelation puts an end to the speculation and rumours that have been circulating on social media.”