Ann Malinga post memory of her late husband, Robbie Malinga


Ann Malinga has penned a book on Monday, 8th October in memory of her late husband Robbie Malinga.

According to the star, the book titled Robbie Malinga was a way of preserving his memory the best way she knows how because music is not her field of expertise, hence the book.

Robbie Malinga’s death was a huge loss to the music industry, and his wife has dedicated her life to preserving the memory and legacy of the musical giant.

“I’ve dedicated my life to keeping his legacy alive for as long as I can. As soon as I realised I cannot go into music, I thought of a book. I thought of other things but I thought a book will always be there so I started writing about what I was going to write. I’ve been writing for the past two and a half years.  So I would write one month and then if it was heavy for me I would stop, and then go back again.”

The coffee table-style book was edited by renowned journalist and author Lesley Mofokeng.

Though healing for some, writing the book for Ann meant she had to revisit memories she would rather not have confronted.

“ It did not bring me healing because I wrote certain parts and then sent them to Leslie. He would send them back and say ‘I feel you’ve held a lot back so you need to go back’. With the book I had to relive  every moment  so I don’t think it was healing. It kind of took me back and when I finished writing the book I was like, now I’ve healed. What I know is I’m not at a place I was before I wrote this book but changes took place. I think after we launched the book, I should be OK.”

Ann also went on to thank those who contributed to the hardwork of the book and she will be forever grateful.

She also flooded pictures from the event on her Instagram.

Here are some of the photos: