Aneles son was with Trevor Noah and Burna Boy before the daily show with Trevor Noah premiers

Anele has been on a vacation from her radio work at 947 and she is in the United States of America having a good time. She is there with a South African-branded shoe, Drip. After that, her son got to spend time with Trevor Noah and Burna Boy at the Comedy Central show, which is one of the biggest in the United States of America.

It is a moment that her son will remember for years to come, as will the opportunity to spend time with the other most famous people in the world. An opportunity like this one is huge and a lot of people want to have it, but it is not possible. Anele is the mother of Alakhe, and the young boy was happy. Without a doubt, sitting in Trevor’s chair before the start of the is show amazing.





It is well known for Anale to go through a bashing time on social media, but it is not really at anything to drag her son down. Getting dragged on social media is something that many people bring on themselves, even though it sometimes comes without their having to start it. People like to make comparisons all the time. But it is still avoidable if you don’t have to be against anyone.