Anele Mdoda shares her thoughts on the recent character unveiled in ‘The Wife’




Anele Mdoda has shared her view regarding the new character unveiled on Showmax’s telenovela The Wife.

Yesterday, actress Gaisang K Noge was announced as the new character for Naledi.

She also shared the news through her Instagram expressing her excitement.

“Today is my first day on set but I’ve obviously interacted with Kwenzo and the chemistry is there,” said Noge.

Well, Anele seems unimpressed as she felt that they should have done better.

“Jokes aside. It would have been nice to cast a size 42 dark actress for the role of Naledi in The Wife. I won’t go into a thesis but when we speak of the success of The Wife, we attribute it to representation and authenticity and this was a good time to be led by that.”

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