Anele Mdoda Brags About Her Son Alakhe’s English Skills

Anele Mdoda showed off her interaction with her son Alakhe where he used a word supposedly beyond his vocabulary The eight-year-old is said to have used the word “collide” and blew his mom’s socks off Anele’s reaction to the interaction left Mzansi gasping for air in laughter


Anele Mdoda recently bragged about her son’s eloquent English skills. Alakhe impressed his mom when he used the word “collide” instead of saying “crash” or “accident.” Anele showed her son’s skills off to fans, bragging that her hard-earned money isn’t going to waste.

Anele Mdoda brags about Alakhe’s English In a recent Twitter (X) post, Anele Mdoda shared some details from her interaction with her son, Alakhe. The young boy recently celebrated his eighth birthday and his mom surprised him with birthday cupcakes of the wrong football club.